SwitchBot Mini Hub smart butler



【SwitchBot Mini HubSmart butler

Smart housekeeper is a smart application remote control, as long as the house enterprise uses the remote control and electrical appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, dehumidifiers and fans, etc., as long as the Apps Once connected, you can use your mobile phone to remotely control the smart home. You can easily control it! With the lowest cost and price, simple DIY installation, you can easily create your own smart home.

✅Connect via Wifi, easy to receive

✅Support Google assistant, Alexa, IFTTT Siri, connectable voice control

✅One year factory warranty

Easy to set up the Hub Mini in the SwitchBot App. With the "smart learning" mode, it can imitate your existing remote control within 5 seconds. USB powered and portable, you can take it anywhere
Pair your air conditioner, TV and other IR devices with the Hub Mini and enjoy the convenience at your fingertips
Mai "Mini" steps toward the smart home, connect SwitchBot devices and home appliances to the Internet, enable cloud services for SwitchBot devices
enjoy voice control, work with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcut and IFTTT , control your SwitchBot devices and home appliances with simple voice commands.

  • 13 home appliances 4000 brands

The master robot itself can learn and imitate the signal codes of the infrared remote control at home, including all kinds of household appliances and brands that are common in daily life. With the imitation learning infrared code function, it is foolproof

  • 360 degree no dead angle control

The main control robot has built-in multi-directional horizontal and vertical signal transmitting parts, and can arrange all kinds of electrical appliances in the whole living room and room in 360 degrees without dead ends! No more pointing at the TV, that’s what people who don’t buy it do. You only need a SwitchBot App, and you can use the master robot to control all infrared home appliances.

  • Voice-activated bag

As a core member who is lazy to the limit, the main control robot is to save you from taking out your mobile phone. It supports Google Assistant/Siri/Alexa, and you can turn on your TV with pure voice control, and even It can be set to activate at a fixed time, so that you don't even need to make a sound, and you are so lazy, you have never seen it before!

  • There is no limit to the distance

Have you ever heard of controlling eight miles from Paris? Yep, so what's the problem! The main control robot was born to allow you to remotely control it. You can start the air conditioner at home in advance in the coffee shop, and enjoy it immediately when you enter the door.

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  • SF Express: pay by yourself

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