SwitchBot Curtain - Curtain Robot - "U" Track

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【🔥 SwitchBot Curtain - Curtain Robot - "U" Track 🔥】
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Suitable for installation: ⭐『U-shaped』track⭐

[Installation Notes] The width is between 6~8 mm, the track is higher than 6mm, and the width is larger than 12.5 mm, and the curtain robot can be used. [Most of the market is compatible]

✅Suitable for installing curtain track: "U" shape, "I" shape or "rod" shape
✅Provide iOS and Android SwitchBot APP control
✅ "Touch & Go" function, in addition to App control, you can also manually pull the curtains.
✅You can set the "timing" to open and close the curtains eg. Open the curtains at 7:30am
✅Support Google home, Apple SIRI and homekit and Amazon Alexa
✅Type C charging, fully charged for up to 8 months
✅Weighs only 135g, can push curtains weighing up to 8kg

👉Upgradable and additional accessories: 1) Smart remote control: $150 - In addition, it can directly control the curtain robot switch, which is convenient for children and the elderly to choose. 2) Solar charging board: $195 - It can continuously charge your curtain robot through sunlight, so you don't have to worry about running out of power. 3) Smart housekeeper: $300 - The robot itself can learn and imitate the signal codes of the infrared remote control at home, including all kinds of household appliances and brands that are common in daily life, and can also remotely control the curtain robot.

Smart remote control

Solar charging panels

Smart butler

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