WS-01 兩人L型電動升降辦公桌

Style: Black


KLT Furniture-WS01 兩人L型電動升降辦公桌


WS-01 is a series of desks and tables that provide a stylish and trendy look to your office space. It is made of a high-quality steel and solid-color or wood grain MFC. The desk is available in different styles and colors to suit all office environments. The WS-01 desking system would make a great addition to office and co-working spaces.

WS-01是一系列書桌和桌子,可為您的辦公室空間提供時尚新潮的外觀。它由優質鋼和純色或木紋MFC製成。辦公桌有不同的樣式和顏色,適合所有辦公環境。 WS-01辦公桌系統將為辦公室和共同辦公空間提供很大的提升。

Product Features

  • Sturdy construction
  • Made of high-quality Aluminum and MFC
  • Can be used in offices, conference rooms, and co-working spaces.
  • Flexible
  • Powerful cable management
  • Supplementally lighting as an option


  • 堅固的結構
  • 由優質鋁和MFC製成
  • 可用於辦公室,會議室和共同辦公空間。
  • 靈活
  • 電纜管理
  • 可選補充照明



  • 高度範圍為 22.6-48.7 英寸(包括 1-1/8 英寸頂部),任何人都可以找到理想的位置 With a height range of 22.6-48.7 inches (including 1-1/8 inch top), anyone can find their ideal position
  • 當工作台與任何物體接觸時,來自專利傳感器的陀螺儀防碰撞技術會停止(並縮回)工作台 Gyro anti-collision technology from a patented sensor stops (and retracts) the table when it makes contact with any object
  • 具有四個用戶自定義位置的按鈕控件 Push-button controls with four user-customized positions
  • 僅適用於 C 腿 Available in C-leg only
  • 十二種不同的耐用層壓板選項以適合您的風格 Twelve different durable laminate options to fit your style
  • 三種耐用的粉末塗層金屬飾面,銀色、黑色或白色 Three durable powder-coated metal finishes in silver, black or white
  • 調整速度:每秒1.5英寸 Adjustment speed: 1.5 inches per second
  • 待機功耗:<0.1W Standby power consumption: <0.1W
  • 電源線:98.5 英寸 Power cord: 98.5 inches
  • 可用的頂部尺寸:24-30 英寸(寬)x 48-72 英寸(長) Usable top sizes: 24-30 inches (W) x 48-72 inches (L)
  • 噪音水平:約 39 dB(不包括環境噪音) Noise level: approximately 39 dB (not including ambient noise)
  • 符合芝加哥規範(帶接地 3 芯塑殼插頭的 3 芯型電源線) Chicago Code Compliant (3-conductor type cord with grounded 3-prong molded case plug)
  • 330 磅重量容量保修 330 lb weight capacity warranty
  • 符合 G1 ANSI BIFMA 認證 Meets G1 ANSI BIFMA Certification

餐桌飾面 Table Finishes

  • 安卡拉櫻桃 Ankara Cherry
  • 巴西胡桃木 Brazilian Walnut
  • Driftwood 漂流木
  • Sandalwood 檀香
  • Cabinet Maple 櫥櫃楓木
  • Contour White 輪廓白色
  • Libretti 利布雷蒂
  • Walnut Amati 胡桃木
  • Queenston Oak 昆士頓橡木
  • Black 黑色
  • Folkstone Grey 福克斯通灰
  • White 白色

底漆 Base Finishes

  • Silver 
  • White 
  • Black 


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