ARIA EAR-001 職員座椅




Immersive source of inspiration


Dare to break and to pursue The power of creation drives us to be curious,to explore,to practice Continue to challenge and try all the possibilities Explorate the unknown An immersive source of inspiration Create unprecedented minimalist ort life The art of curves inspires a light gesture Every revolution in experience is just the beginning The spirit of challenge leads us to the future looking for a complete answer Everything is known ......

勇於突破,勇於追求 創造的力量驅使我們好奇,去探索,去實踐 不斷挑戰,嘗試所有的可能性 探索未知 身臨其境的靈感源泉 創造前所未有的極簡生活 曲線的藝術激發輕盈的姿態 體驗的每一次革命都只是開始挑戰的精神引領我們走向未來尋找完整的答案一切皆知......


The art of curves inspires a light gesture。 Full mesh design embodies the infinite possibilities of mesh。 Nylon + GF shell,smooth texture and lines。 Let's rethink the boundaries of Appearance and Function,and explore the cutting-edge office art。


Beautiful and smooth lines , the classic gray reflects the elegant temperament . The clear texture structure highlights the luxurious feeling of mesh material .

線條優美流暢,經典的灰色體現優雅氣質。 清晰的紋理結構凸顯出網眼材質的奢華感。


PURSUE THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORT In a world where everything is changing rapidly , ARIA can blend into every environment freely . Toking the interaction between spoce , furniture and people as the starting point , we deeply explore all possibilities , so that comfort is no longer limited to furniture or space , ARIA provides a new experience that users can feel the ease in daily life immediately after just sitting down . Smooth lines combined with a functional mechanism specifically designed , even have propelled it to the forefront of the industry .

在舒適中追求極致 在瞬息萬變的世界中,ARIA 可以自由融入各種環境。 以空間、家具、人的互動為出發點,深入探索一切可能,讓舒適不再局限於家具或空間,ARIA提供全新體驗,讓用戶坐下來即刻感受到日常生活的輕鬆。 下 。 流暢的線條與專門設計的功能機制相結合,甚至將其推向了行業的前沿。



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