Arico-01 行政椅子


Arico-01 行政椅子

行政椅是一種辦公椅,可以為經理提供舒適的體驗,這可以加快他們的工作效率。 可以放在經理室,讓同事更有效地享受工作環境,處理需要解決的案件。

An executive chair is an office chair that provides managers with a comfortable experience, which can speed up their work efficiency. It can be placed in the manager's room, allowing colleagues to enjoy the work environment more effectively and handle cases that need to be resolved.

高度 1125~1190mm
座椅深度 595mm
座椅寛度 605mm
地面到椅面的高度 440~505mm
椅背宽度 525mm
从椅面到椅背高度 685mm
扶手之间的寛度 540mm
扶手到地面高度 635~700mm
扶手到椅面高度 195mm
倾仰角 25°

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