CH-226B-LP Ergonomic Chair



The ergonomic high-back office chair is designed with an adjustable headrest to provide the most comfortable position for your head and neck. Using this office chair is the perfect solution to neck problems as it provides proper support for your neck, eliminating the stress you often experience when sitting for long periods of time.

  • smooth surface cambered PU headrest
  • nylon + glass fiber frame,
  • mesh upholstered foam lumbar support
  • PP fixed armrest
  • molded foam
  • one handle 3 angles locking mechanism
  • 100# 4cm sink black gas lift
  • PA-S340 nylon base
  • 60mm black 


  • 光滑表面弧形PU頭枕
  • 尼龍+玻璃纖維框架,
  • 網布 布藝 泡沫 腰部支撐
  • PP固定扶手
  • 模壓泡沫
  • 一把手三角度鎖定機構
  • 100#4cm水槽黑色氣舉
  • PA-S340 尼龍底座
  • 60毫米黑色


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