CH1 Adjustable CPU Holder


KLT FURNITURE-CH1 Adjustable CPU Holder 

Dimensions (ajustable) 


W: 285mm-512mm

weight capacity  15kg
product weight 5kg
color   black&sliver

Secure your CPU

Give your central processing unit (CPU) a secure spot on your workstation with an under-desk CPU holder. Mounting your CPU beneath your desk keeps it safe from accidental damage caused by spills or tipping, and saves space on your floor or desktop.

Easy cable access

The space-saving CH1 under-desk CPU mount offers 180-degree swivel to give you easy access to ports and cables on the backside of your CPU. No more reaching blindly behind your CPU, hoping to find the right cable. Simply spin it around to see what you’re looking for.

Protective padding and adjustable dimensions

Padding dots are included in the CH1’s design to better protect your CPU from scratches or damage while encased in this secure holder. Height adjusts from 11.22" - 20.16" and width adjusts from 5.04" - 8.27" to fit most standard CPUs.

保護您的 CPU
使用桌下 CPU 支架為您的中央處理器 (CPU) 在工作站上提供一個安全的位置。將 CPU 安裝在辦公桌下方可防止因溢出或傾倒造成的意外損壞,並節省地板或桌面的空間。

節省空間的 CH1 桌下 CPU 支架提供 180 度旋轉,讓您可以輕鬆訪問 CPU 背面的端口和電纜。不再盲目地伸手去拿你的 CPU,希望找到合適的電纜。只需旋轉它即可查看您要查找的內容。

CH1 的設計中包含填充點,以更好地保護您的 CPU 在裝在這個安全支架中時免受刮擦或損壞。高度從 11.22" - 20.16" 調整,寬度從 5.04" - 8.27" 調整以適應大多數標準 CPU。

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