CMP502 Cable Management Tray 電纜托盤

Colour: White


KLT FURNITURE-CMP502 Cable Management Tray 電纜托盤

  • Clutter-free workstation
  • Protect pets with cable management tray
Model CMP502
Color Options White & Black
Product dimension 500.38 (L) x 119.38mm(W) x 88.9mm(H)
Item Weight 130 Ibs
Material Non-flammble Metal
Package Include

1 Cable management tray 

2 main screws (4 x 6mm)

4 support screws (2 x 19mm)

1 Allen Key

Clutter-free workstation

Don't let your tangled cords get in the way of having an organized desk. FlexiSpot cable management tray will keep your cords in one place so that you can enjoy an orderly desk.

Open design for airflow

This tray has an open ventilation design that will keep your items cool and free from dust accumulation. You can easily remove your cords in one go because of its open design.

Protect pets with cable management tray

Protect your pet from chewing the cords. This cable management tray is designed to protect you and your pets from the jungle beneath your desk, and play safely under your desk.

Easy installation Built to last

Forget the trays that use tape as their hinge. This tray is easy to mount on any desk edge! With just six screws and two parts to be assembled, you will have a sturdy tray that will keep your electrical items safe and secure.



不要讓纏結的電線妨礙整理辦公桌。 電纜管理托盤將您的電線固定在一個地方,這樣您就可以享受有序的辦公桌。





易於安裝 經久耐用



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