FILO- D 職員座椅 布料椅背


FILO- D 職員座椅 布料椅背

- Soft cushion
Filled with high-resilience qualitative sponge, it will not deform after sitting for a long time. Surrounding the buttocks, breathable and refreshing, delicate and soft, skin-friendly and healthy

- Italian DONATI chassis
Tilt the chassis in situ and lock with one key. Safe and explosion-proof up and down, stable and reliable: South Korea KGS 4 (nitriding) air pressure rod

- Height 790~870mm
- Seat depth 555mm
- Seat width 540mm
- Seat back width 410mm


- 柔軟坐墊
高回彈定性海綿填充,久坐不變形。 包圍臀部,透氣清爽,細膩輕柔,親膚健康

- 意大利DONATI底盤
原位傾仰底盤,一鍵鎖定。 安全防爆上下升降,穩定可靠:韓國KGS 4級(氮化處理)氣壓棒

- 高度 790~870mm
- 座椅深度 555mm
- 座椅寛度 540mm
- 椅背寛度 410mm

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