The KAS is a series of seating options that follow a modular system. The series consist of sofas in different styles sizes with both low-back and high-back versions to choose from. The high back wraps around on both sides to create an oasis of privacy. The sofas are available as one-seater and two-seaters, depending on the office space and your requirement.



Product Features

  • One- and two-seater sofas
  • Available in high-back and low-back options
  • Upholstered in fabric or vinyl
  • Available in orange, yellow, and blue shades


  • 一人座和二人座沙發
  • 提供高背和低背選項
  • 織物或乙烯基軟墊
  • 提供橙色,黃色和藍色的選項

 KAS is a modular system of sofa elements combining short and long elements, which meets different needs for different areas such as waiting, resting and meeting by combining these elements. With lines as smooth and elegant as a signature, KAS series can light the spaces while providing excellent sitting experience. To fit the new trend of office behavior, Kasseriesprovides2morehigh- back versions,1-seaterand2-seater,whichmeetstheneedsof privacy for individual office.

KAS 是一款能適配不同空間布局的模塊沙發組,通過模塊的組合,形成不 同形式大小的沙發組,置于休閑區,茶水區,接待區等空間。 凱斯系列模塊還包括高背款模塊組,滿足現代化辦公中所需的私密洽談空間, 形成相對獨立的辦公洽談區。

KAS high-back version can serve as single sofa or face-to-face organizing principle for the needs for resting and meeting.

KAS 模塊高背款可以單獨散落空間中,形成個 人私密空間,也可兩兩相對,形成半開放的洽談區。



Please note that the color of your computer screen may deviate from the real color. We have the swatches available in our showroom for final review.

* 所有產品尺寸均為近似值,可能大約相差1mm至3mm。
* 如有任何爭議,  KLT Furniture保留最終決定權

* Actual product colors may vary slightly due to printed/web color. Color accuracy varies depending on monitor calibration; real samples are available in our showroom.

* All the dimensions approximation, please allow 1mm to 3mm difference.

KLT Furniture reserves the right to correct errors and misprints and to change product specifications. 

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