KH-220 全功能人體工學辦公椅



KH-220 全功能人體工學辦公椅 黑色框架

KLT Office Furniture為客戶搜羅多款優質人體工學椅,幫助各打工仔減輕久坐姿勢對腰部帶來負擔,改善錯誤坐姿。人體工學椅,無論辦公室或家居專用、久坐一族,切合不同人士需要。人體工學設計,由背部、腰部到臀部都有效承托壓力,減少因長期坐下引致的肩膀及腰背疼痛問題。

KLT Office Furniture collects a variety of high-quality ergonomic chairs for customers to help workers reduce the burden on the waist caused by sedentary postures and improve wrong sitting postures. Ergonomic chairs, whether for office or home use, or for sedentary people, meet the needs of different people. The ergonomic design effectively supports the pressure from the back, waist to the buttocks, reducing shoulder and low back pain caused by long-term sitting.



  • 高度調節
  • 經認證的網眼、織物和模塑泡沫阻燃材料 CA TB117-2013
  • 通風網狀靠背支撐
  • 防水座椅面料
  • 座椅邊緣採用瀑布式設計,避免迴圈不良
  • 腰部支撐調整
  • 座椅滑動功能可調節座椅深度
  • 3D可調節尼龍扶手,帶柔軟的PU扶手
  • 同步傾斜機構,靠背可鎖定在四個位置
  • 符合 BIFMA 標準
  • SHS 4 級氣瓶,用於高度調節

Chair Features and Description:

height adjustment
Certified Mesh, Fabric and Molded Foam Flame Retardant Materials CA TB117-2013
Ventilated mesh back support
Waterproof seat fabric
Seat edge with waterfall design to avoid bad loops
Lumbar support adjustment
Seat slide function to adjust seat depth
3D adjustable nylon armrest with soft PU armrest
Synchronized tilt mechanism, backrest lockable in four positions
BIFMA Compliant
SHS grade 4 gas cylinder for height adjustment

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