KH-253C Stackable Arm Chair 疊椅


KLT FURNITURE-KH-253C Stackable Arm Chair 疊椅

可疊放的椅子易於節省空間,為您提供更有效的工作環境和更多空間。 它總是適合用作會議椅與辦公室的同事開會。

Stackable chair is easy to save places and provides you a effective working environment with more spaces. It is always suitable to use as a conference chair to have meetings with your colleagues in the office.


電鍍弓形架 海綿坐墊

One-piece PP seat, detachable and easy to transport
Full grey/full white/full blue/full yellow 4-color plastic optional

Electroplated bow frame Sponge cushion

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