KLT-Basto series 人體工學椅


KLT-Basto series 人體工學椅

BASTO Task椅子摒棄了各種花哨的設計元素,專注於現代辦公空間中最重要的問題:空間和功能。辦公椅可以伴隨身體360°自然運動,用戶可以持續穩定地進行關節和肌肉活動。無論是在家還是在工作中使用,都能帶來有效的腰部和背部支撐,感覺輕鬆舒適。黑色玻璃纖維尼龍靠背,意大利雪尼爾紗定製網眼。靠背和座椅動態平衡運動(可鎖定)。高韌性可調節尼龍腰部支撐。 4D 可調臂上下、前後、旋轉、加寬。4 角度鎖定鋁機構帶滑座。100mm 罷工韓國 KGS 氣舉。350mm 鋁底座。60mm 大靜音黑色腳輪。防指紋表面鋁框

● 提供柔軟的織物和網狀內飾
● 可調節腰部支撐
● 高度和角度可調頭枕。
● 瀑布式和座椅深度可調人體工學設計。

The BASTO Task chair abandons various fancy design elements and focuses on the most important issues in modern office space: space and function. The office chair can accompany the 360 ° natural movement of the body, and users can continue to perform joint and muscle activities steadily. Whether used at home or at work, it can bring effective waist and back support and feel relaxed and comfortable.Black glassfiber nylon back, Italian chenille yarn customized mesh.Back and seat dynamic balance movement(lockable).High toughness adjustable nylon lumbar support.4D adjustable arm up-down,back-forth, back and forth,rotation,widen.4 angles locking aluminum mechanism with slide seat.100mm strike Korean KGS gas lift.350mm aluminum base.60mm big silent black caster.Anti fingerprint surface for the aluminum frame

Product features
● Soften fabric and mesh upholstery available
● Adjustable lumbar support
● Height and angle adjustable headrest.
● Waterfall and depth-seat adjustable ergonomic design.

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