KLT-GT series 1 人體工學椅


KLT-GT series 1 人體工學椅

使用 GT 系列椅子完善您的辦公家具系列。這些是符合人體工程學設計的轉椅,帶有可調節的腰部支撐。氣動升降功能有助於根據您的要求調整椅子的高度。扶手也可以升高和降低,以使座椅舒適。椅子採用高密度彈性抗性泡沫軟墊,並覆蓋有網眼織物,便於維護。 GT 椅子最適合辦公空間和會議室。

● 符合人體工程學設計的辦公轉椅
● 氣動升降功能調整高度
● 可調節扶手,坐姿舒適
● 採用泡沫和網眼織物裝飾
● 可調節座深


Complete your office furniture collection with the GT series of chairs. These are ergonomically designed swivel chairs with adjustable lumbar support. The pneumatic lifting function helps adjust the height of the chair as per your requirement. The arms can also be raised and lowered to make the seating comfortable. The chair is upholstered with high-density elastic resistant foam and is covered with mesh fabric for easy maintenance. The GT chair is best suited for office spaces and conference and meeting rooms.

Product features
● Ergonomically designed swivel chair for office use
● Pneumatic lifting function for adjusting the height
● Adjustable arm rest for comfortable seating
● Upholstered with foam and mesh fabric
● Adjustable seat depth

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