KLT-Imove series 人體工學椅


KLT-Imove series 人體工學椅

如果您正在尋找能夠提供完美腰部支撐的辦公椅,那麼 I Move 是正確的選擇。這款高品質辦公椅採用進口網眼織物軟墊座椅和靠背製成。座椅使用的阻燃海綿提供緩衝效果。椅子的高度和扶手可以根據您的要求進行調整。這把椅子有多種顏色可供選擇,以適應不同的辦公室設計。

● 自動重量平衡功能
● 座椅和靠背網狀內飾現代舒適
● 拋光金屬背框和腿看起來很時尚
● 符合人體工學設計的星形底座和輪子
● 採用進口塑料和阻燃海綿和織物製成
● 可調節高度和扶手
● 提供良好的腰部支撐



If you are looking for an office chair that offers the perfect lumbar support, then the I Move is the right choice. This high-quality office chair is made with imported mesh fabric upholstered seat and back. The flame-retardant sponge used for the seating provides a cushioning effect. The height and armrests of the chair can be adjusted as per your requirement. The chair is available in a range of colors to suit different office designs.

Product Features
● Auto weight balance function
● Seat and back mesh upholstery is modern and comfortable
● Polished metal back frame and leg look stylish
● Ergonomically designed with a star base and wheels
● Made with imported plastic and flame-resistant sponge and fabric
● Adjustable height and armrests
● Provides good lumbar support

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