KY101 Stackable Chair 疊椅 金屬腳

Color: 白色 / 4足凳腳


KLT FURNITURE- KY101 Stackable Chair 疊椅

Style and simplicity are what defines the training chair. This beautiful chair is made of polypropylene and hence is light weight. The mesh design of the chair back adds to its beauty. The sled base steel legs of the chair provide sturdiness and the perfect balance.

Product Features

• Writing tab and armrest is an option
• Plug-in back and seat cushion available
• Trolley for storage available
● Polypropylene chair with sled base
● Light weight and compact
● Available in three shades
● Ideal for training rooms and co-working spaces


我們KLT OFFICE FURNITURE 經營寫字樓傢俬超過10年以上的經驗,專為大家提供寫字樓傢俬及用品: 辦公檯、工作枱,會議檯、大班椅、摺椅疊凳、人體工學升降桌椅, 為大家度身訂造合適的辦公室傢俱方案。

而我們的Stackable Chair 叠椅 (又稱摺椅疊凳)適合狹小的家居/工作空間,十分輕巧,需要打掃或為其他活動騰出空間時,方便存放,輕鬆摺疊收起即可。它們經常在派對、集會、大型會議或活動等場合中經常使用到。



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