Line Sofa


Inspired by Bauhaus architectural style, the left and right sofa feet adopt complete line language, from support to armrest. The designer skillfully refined the contour line of the human back into three simple lines, which are applied to the soft bag design, so that the product is comfortable to use and has both modern and classic characteristics. The metal NC bending process of the whole pipe of Line sofa is combined with the soft bag, which has more retro characteristics. The solid wood designer of Line sofa adopts the design method of integrating armrest and leg support, which makes the point, line and surface modeling language more distinctive, and the wide armrest is more comfortable. 

支挑到手一氣呵成。設計師巧妙的將人體後背的輪閣線提煉成三段簡潔的線條,應用於軟件包設計,使產品在使用舒適的同時兼具現代與經典的特性。Line 金屬款整管材的金屬數字控製曲藝與軟包相結合,更具復古特色。Line實木款設計師採用了手與撐腿部一體的設計手法,使點線面造型語言更添鮮明,寬大的手也更具備舒適性。

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