MSC 002 Metal Storage Cabinet 文件櫃


KLT FURNITURE-MSC 002 Metal Storage Cabinet 文件櫃

  • 4 adjustable shelves
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Locking Cabinet for Office&Home

The metal storage cabinet has 4 adjustable shelves, whatever your storage needs, you can free create a unique storage space to suit them. Each of the 5 shelves in this tall cabinet can hold up to 130lbs, allowing for a total weight capacity of 650 lbs. Pre-holes on the back, enable to be mounted to the wall. 2 wing doors with a 180°opening angle and it makes opening and closing easy.

Note: Please refer to the photo of the real object rather than the figure as its dimensions were measured manually.


The metal storage cabinet has more large storage space than standard cabinets. Our 4 adjustable shelves is very suitable for storing office documents and home garage supplies,or other large and heavy items, ideal for long-term to use. It is very suitable for use in homes, offices, garages, warehouses or other spaces.


Organize building maintenance and cleaning supplies. Storage for brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, etc. Locking handle for increased safety and security.


The round door lock offers additional security, keeping kids and pets away from harmful and unsafe products. All products can be secured with the same round key.

Metal Storage Cabinet 001
Color Black
Capacity 180 Pounds
Package Dimensions 952.5*482.6*1854.2mm
Item Weight 108 pounds


金屬儲物櫃有 4 個可調節擱板,無論您有什麼儲物需求,都可以自由打造適合它們的獨特儲物空間。這個高櫃中的 5 個擱板中的每一個都可容納 130 磅,總重量為 650 磅。背面有預孔,可以安裝在牆上。 2扇180°開啟角度的翼門,使打開和關閉變得容易。


金屬儲物櫃比標準櫃有更大的儲物空間。我們的 4 個可調節擱板非常適合存放辦公文件和家庭車庫用品或其他大而重的物品,非常適合長期使用。它非常適合在家庭、辦公室、車庫、倉庫或其他空間使用。



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