POLY 職員座椅 針織透氣面料


POLY 職員座椅 針織透氣面料

- Tilt lock
3-position backrest locking

- Seat Depth
Adjustable depth 60mm

- barometric altitude
Can lift 100mm

- Tilt tension adjustment
The handwheel only needs to be rotated 1.5 turns

- Lumbar adjustment
Can lift 50mm

- V-shaped back frame
The unique suspended V-shaped seat back frame extends longitudinally from the waistline to the bottom mechanism, which contrasts with the side armrests and interprets the dynamic posture of geometric aesthetics.

- German Bock chassis
The tension adjuster has the smallest speed and torque, and the five-level gear can easily adjust the tilting force in a wide range; the synchronous mechanism is based on the 4-axis Chuangguo linkage system, which can avoid the loss of support of the waist and reduce the pulling of clothes.

- colorful color options
A variety of similar colors are intertwined and integrated in one needle and one thread, injecting vivid vitality into the solid color, creating a distinctive styling style, and unlocking more creative space for collocation.

- 3D knitted breathable fabric
The black technology streamlined fabric realizes the integrated weaving of complex structures and patterns through a special programming process, covering the entire back area, providing effective elastic support for the human body, while the triangular façade ensures excellent breathability, making people feel between lightness and lightness Feel comfortable.

- Height 960 - 1045mm
- Seat depth 450 - 510mm
- Seat width 500mm
- Seat back width 430mm


- 傾仰鎖定

- 座墊深度

- 氣壓高度

- 傾仰張力調節

- 腰靠調節

- V形椅背框架

- 德國博克底盤

- 繽紛色彩選擇

- 3D針織透氣面料

- 高度 960 - 1045mm
- 座椅深度 450 - 510mm
- 座椅寛度 500mm
- 椅背寛度 430mm

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