SC13- Repo Steel Cabinet 儲物櫃


KLT FURNITURE-SC13- Repo Steel Cabinet 儲物櫃

Planter Box

  • Suits Tambour Unit
  • Two widths 900mm & 1200mm
  • Plain or perforated metal
  • Fits three pot plants per box

A range of metal storage units. The range consists Pedestal, Caddy, Tambour unit with optional Planter Box and Swing Door.

一系列金屬存儲單元。範圍包括基座、球童、 Tambour 單元帶有可選的種植箱和旋轉門。

KLT FURNITURE PLANTER BOX is optionally available in plain or perforated metal and can be placed on top of the Repo Tambour unit. The Planter Box houses 3 plants, adding colour and softness to the office environment.

KLT FURNITURE PLANTER BOX 可選用普通金屬或穿孔金屬,可以放置在 Repo Tambour 單元的頂部。 Planter Box 可容納 3 株植物,為辦公環境增添色彩和柔和感。


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