ST01- Student Table 學生桌


KLT FURNITURE- ST01- Student Table 學生桌

A collection of chairs, stools and boards with an ultra light weight look and feel and functional stackability that makes it ideal for commercial environments. Manufactured in Japan, it is an eco-friendly collection, comprised of recycled materials that can be disassembled into each material type.

KLT FURNITURE complements the seating range, with an integrated front panel design to the tables. It is stackable up to 6 high on the floor and can load up to 30 on a dolly. Tipo Board can be configured back to back and has hooks equipped on both sides of the table.

一系列超輕的椅子、凳子和木板外觀和感覺和功能可堆疊性,使其成為商業的理想選擇環境。 在日本製造,是一個環保系列,由可回收材料組成,可拆卸成每個材料種類

KLT FURNITURE 補充了座椅系列,在桌子上集成了前面板設計。它在地板上最多可堆疊 6 層,在推車上最多可裝載 30 層。 Tipo Board 可以背靠背配置,並在桌子的兩側配備掛鉤。

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