WD7400 辦公桌連儲物架


一個企業需要座椅但是更離不開Office Table、Staff Table、Office Desk,這三種其實可以都稱之為職員檯,所以辦公家具採購量最多的就非職員辦公桌椅莫屬。對於工作人員辦公區的家具來說,在寬敞的空間裡,一般都會選擇一些時尚的屏風職員辦公桌,不僅可以注意隱私,而且可以更好的劃分區域。

工作是生活的一部分,建立一個設備齊全、整潔舒適的工作間,有助提升工作效率,帶來更充裕的工餘時間,讓你發掘生活上的更多可能性。KLT專為各行各業如學校、團體及寫字樓等供應辦公室傢俬: 寫字枱,職員枱,文員枱,工作枱,工作摺枱,會議枱,辦公枱,辦公椅,儲物櫃… 應有盡有。

  • 可根據客人要求訂做尺寸
  • 需訂貨約3-4星期

    Work is a part of life. Building a well-equipped, clean and comfortable workplace will help improve work efficiency, bring more spare time, and allow you to explore more possibilities in life.

    KLT specializes in supplying office furniture for various industries such as schools, groups and office buildings: writing desks, staff desks, clerk desks, work desks, work folding desks, conference desks, office desks, office chairs, lockers... everything.

    Size can be customized according to customer requirements
    It takes about 3-4 weeks to order

    Contact us:

    • Tel:3611 2738, 2152 9068
    • Whatsapp: 6936 2867
    • Email : lt68@kltjp.com

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