WS-14 開放式工作桌


KLT Furniture-WS14  開放式工作桌

開放式工作桌Open workstation

現代辦公空間的理想選擇。 它提供強度和耐用性。 根據型號,工作站可以設計有文件櫃、桌面書架、桌面玻璃屏幕、電話和筆架以及文件和存儲盒。 該工作站可用於辦公室和聯合辦公空間。Open workstation is ideal for modern office spaces. It is made of high-quality steel and MFC, providing strength and durability. Depending on the model, the workstation can be designed with a file cabinet, desktop bookshelf, desktop glass screen, phone and pen holders, and file and storage boxes. This workstation can be used in office rooms and coworking spaces.

色彩的完美運用Perfect using of colour

五顏六色的塑料元素的設計打破了無聊,讓產品獲得了別緻的品質。 同時,顏色有助於空間管理,使空間歸屬高效。The design of the colourful plastic elelments break the boredom so that the product gains a chic quality. At the same time, the colours help with space-management, making space attribution efficient.

卓越的健康表現Superb Wellness Performance

使用 HAD plus 以更健康的方式工作並在巔峰狀態下表現出色 - 一款時尚精緻的高度可調節辦公桌,可輕鬆放置在任何私人或半私人行政工作區,讓您全天輕鬆地在坐和站之間轉換。Work healthier adn perform at your peak with HAD plus - a smart and sophisticated styling height-adjustable desk that can easily be placed in any private or semi-private executive workspaces for effortless transitions between sitting and standing throughout the day.

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