WS-17 開放式辦公桌


KLT Furniture-WS17

色彩的完美運用Perfect using of colour

五顏六色的塑料元素的設計打破了無聊,讓產品獲得了別緻的品質。 同時,顏色有助於空間管理,使空間歸屬高效。The design of the colourful plastic elelments break the boredom so that the product gains a chic quality. At the same time, the colours help with space-management, making space attribution efficient.

卓越的健康表現Superb Wellness Performance

使用 HAD plus 以更健康的方式工作並在巔峰狀態下表現出色 - 一款時尚精緻的高度可調節辦公桌,可輕鬆放置在任何私人或半私人行政工作區,讓您全天輕鬆地在坐和站之間轉換。Work healthier adn perform at your peak with HAD plus - a smart and sophisticated styling height-adjustable desk that can easily be placed in any private or semi-private executive workspaces for effortless transitions between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Highly functional desk for office and coworking space

為您的辦公室內飾增添活力。 這張桌子的亮點是顏色的完美融合,提供了一種精緻的外觀。 桌面和腿可以設計成您選擇的顏色,為您的辦公室提供醒目的外觀。 桌子可以配備一個內置配電盤,可用於連接您的電子設備。Add a vibrant look to your office interiors. The highlight of this table is the perfect blend of colors that provides a sophisticated look. The tabletop and the legs can be designed in colors of your choice to provide a striking look to your office. The table can come with a built-in switchboard that can be used to connect your electronic gadgets.


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