WS-19 升降辦公桌


KLT Furniture-WS-19

開放式工作站Open workstation

現代辦公空間的理想選擇。 它提供強度和耐用性。 根據型號,工作站可以設計有文件櫃、桌面書架、桌面玻璃屏幕、電話和筆架以及文件和存儲盒。 該工作站可用於辦公室和聯合辦公空間。Open workstation is ideal for modern office spaces. It is made of high-quality steel and MFC, providing strength and durability. Depending on the model, the workstation can be designed with a file cabinet, desktop bookshelf, desktop glass screen, phone and pen holders, and file and storage boxes.  This workstation can be used in office rooms and coworking spaces.


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